Judicial Civility - Judge of the Year

Award History

In 1998, the LA Chapter Executive Committee decided to present a Jurist of the Year Award to an outstanding Judge within the local and federal judiciary community. Originally, the award was presented at the annual President's Dinner Dance in February but in 2007, President Steve Glickman felt the annual Judicial Reception would be more appropriate. It was also at this time the Executive Committee decided to give a Clerk of the Year Award to honor the judicial assistants. In 2005 the judicial award was renamed for ABOTA's own Honorable William J. Rea.

Judicial Civility/Judge of the Year Award Recipients:
2023 Hon. Samantha Jessner
2022 Hon. Ruth Ann Kwan
2021 Not Awarded
2020 Not Awarded
2019 Hon. Mark Mooney
2018 Hon. Margaret L. Oldendorf
2017 Hon. Gerald Rosenberg
2016 Hon. Stephen M. Moloney
2015 Hon. Kevin Brazile
2014 Hon. Daniel J. Buckley
2013 Hon. Frederick Shaller
2012 Hon. Richard Stone
2011 Hon. Emilie Elias
2010 Hon. Michael Harwin
2009 Hon. Lee Smalley Edmon
2008 Hon. Joe W. Hilberman
2007 Hon. Richard D. Aldrich
2006 Hon. Victoria G. Chaney
2005 Hon. Gregory O'Brien, Jr.
2004 Hon. Steven R. Van Sicklen
2003 Hon. Patti S. Kitching
2002 Hon. Alan B. Haber
2001 Hon. Robert Letteau
2000 Hon. Wendell H. Mortimer
1999 Hon. Victor E. Chavez
1998 Hon. William A. Maclaughlin

Lee B. Wenzel Civility Award

Award History

The Lee B. Wenzel Civility award was established in 1993 and awarded the first time to the Hon. William J. Rea in 1994.

"The Los Angeles Chapter of ABOTA awards the Lee B. Wenzel Civility award to the attorney who regularly demonstrates qualities of professionalism, civility, graciousness and high moral and ethical standards as exemplified by the late Lee B. Wenzel."

The Chapter President appoints a committee to research nominees and polls the membership for nominations. These names are presented at a meeting of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee votes to determine who will be the recipient. The recipient is honored during the Annual Installation Dinner Dance held during the first quarter of the following year.

Los Angeles ABOTA Lee B. Wenzel Civility Award Recipients:
2023 Donna Melby
2022 Michael Schonbuch
2021 Robert A. Morgenstern
2020 Michael J. Trotter
2019 Geoffrey Wells
2018 Linda Miller Savitt
2017 Phillip A. Baker
2016 John A. “Jack” Girardi
2015 Thomas F. McAndrews
2014 Moses Lebovits
2013 Randolph M. Even
2012 Stephen C. Pasarow
2011 Walter Yoka
2010 Mark D. Wenzel
2009 Steven C. Glickman
2008 Richard D. Carroll
2007 Peter Q. Ezzell
2006 David B. Casselman
2005 Michael M. Gless
2004 Darrell A. Forgey
2003 Harold J. Hunter, Jr.
2001 Bruce Broillet
2000 David O'Keefe
1999 Louis H. “Duke” DeHaas
1998 David R. Glickman
1997 George R. Hillsinger
1996 *George Moore
1995 John P. McNicholas
1994 Hon. William J. Rea

Judicial Assistant of the Year

Judicial Assistant/Clerk of the Year Award Recipients:
2023 Rigoberto Henry Inostroza
2022 Nicole Payne
2021 Not Awarded
2020 Not Awarded
2019 Dan Brostoff
2018 Theresa R. McGonigle
2017 Ruben Juarez
2016 Robert E. Lee
2015 Elmer Sabalburo
2014 Connie Rodriguez
2013 Felipe Rojas
2012 Jeff Lipp
2011 Jeff Charles
2010 Kent Tobey
2009 Not Awarded
2008 Gloria Tapanes

H. Gilbert Jones, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:
2022 H. Gilbert Jones, Jr. (Posthumously)
2018 Louis "Duke" DeHaas
2012 David R. Glickman
2007 John P. "Jack" Daniels
2006 Robert N. Stone
2004 Kermit J. Morgan
2002 William J. Rea
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